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Love the sense of professionalism a folder brings but worry about your loose papers falling out? Then we’ve got the answer for you with our  Folders.

I think we’re all in agreement that walking into a meeting with loose pages falling from your presentation folders won’t give the professional appearance you strive for. Our landscape folders with stitched-in text do exactly what they say on the tin. We stitch your brochure pages into the folder so your papers will remain exactly where they’re meant to be and your folder pockets are still available for last-minute materials and additional storage.

Perhaps you’re an estate agent looking for a high impact way to showcase your new properties. Or maybe you’re a travel agent wanting to protect your high-end, glossy promotional brochures. Our Landscape Stitched Folder Brochures combine the best elements of a folder with the best elements of information packed brochures in one striking package. So breathe a sigh of relief; all your marketing presentation woes are over.

Available in full colour with a variety of finishes to choose from, it’s quick and easy to tailor our landscape folder brochures to your exact specifications and personalize them to reflect your company’s brand and message.