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Used for: Desk Pads, Colouring Pads, Promotional Note Pads, Enquiry Pads, Message Pads, Jotter Pads, Forms, Estimating Pads, Quotation Pads, Work Pads, Writing Pads or Note Pads.

Our dinky A6 notepads are perfect for keeping by the phone or on your desk for when inspiration strikes!

Hand your custom A6 notepads out to your staff and watch as the unprofessional scraps of paper littering their desks just disappear! Or give them to customers as a free promotional tool. Your logo and contact details will stay right under their noses and your business will be booming!

It’s quick and simple for you to create your own custom A6 notepads.  Our standard A6 notepads are printed on 90gsm uncoated stock with 40 pages as standard, with glued at the top with a grey board backing board inside pages.